Time Value of Money Calculators & Formulas

Free Time Value of Money Spreadsheet with Calculators and Formulas

While MS Excel is hardly the latest tech innovation, you can't argue how valuable their spreadsheets are for business and investment. accofina.com has developed custom spreadsheets for your desktop or tablet that will assist in your wealth creation activities.

Time Value of Money Calculators & Formulas

The Free Spreadsheet performs Time Value of Money calculations and provides the formulas behind each calculation.

The Time Value of Money theory explains how the value of a certain sum of money, say $1,000, depends on when you receive this sum. E.g. $1,000 received today is valued higher than receiving $1,000 in 2-years time; because if you receive the sum today you can invest in a risk-free asset and in 2-years you will receive the initial $1,000 plus the interest (return) from the risk-free investment.

Specifically, the Spreadsheet Calculators are as follows:

* Future Value
* Present Value
* Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity
* Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity
* Present Value of an Annuity Due
* Future Value of an Annuity Due
* Present Value of a Perpetuity
* Future Value of a Certificate of Deposit (CD)

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