Retirement Planner

Free Retirement Planner Spreadsheet for Testing Saving & Spending Scenarios

While MS Excel is hardly the latest tech innovation, you can't argue how valuable their spreadsheets are for business and investment. has developed custom spreadsheets that will assist in your wealth creation activities.

Retirement Planner Spreadsheet

With this clear and well-guided spreadsheet you will be able to test various retirement scenarios based on your retirement savigs patterns (during you working life) and lifestyle spending patterns (during your retirement)

Simply answer a few savings, retirement and career questions within the spreadsheet and a complete retirement planning schedule will be created.
This schedule will calculate your overall retirment fund balance during both your working life and your retirement.

In only a few minutes you will be able to test an assess various scenarios in regards to how well your retirement savings plans will meet your planned post-work expenditures.

You can see how just a few small changes can make a huge difference to your life once you reach the age of retirement

There is also an 'editable' worksheet with the complete spreadsheet available to be studied and/or modified, without affecting the protected core data and structure.

Specifically, the Retirement Schedules is as follows....

It calculates (for each year of your life):

  1. Retirement Fund Starting Balance
  2. Retirement Fund Annual Contribution (based on a proportion of your salary)
  3. Retirement Fund Investment Return (based on three different 'lifestage' portfolios)
  4. Retirement Fund Withdrawals (based on your desired level of income during retirement)
  5. Retirement Fund Ending Balance

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