Cash Flow Forecast

Free Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet for Better Planning

While MS Excel is hardly the latest tech innovation, you can't argue how valuable their spreadsheets are for business and investment. has developed custom spreadsheets for your desktop or tablet that will assist in your wealth creation activities.

2-Year Monthly Cash Flow Forecast

This MS Excel Spreadsheet performs accurate monthly cash flow forecasting for your business over 2-years. Simply enter in your planned cash inflows and outflows and allow the spreadsheet to calculate running totals of each column and row and allow predictions of cash surpluses or deficits at particular time periods.

There is also an 'editable' worksheet with the complete spreadsheet available to be studied and/or modified, without affecting the protected core data and structure.

Specifically, after entering cash inflows and outflows for each month, the spreadsheet calculates:
* Monthly Total Cash Inflows
* Monthly Total Cash Outflows
* Opening Monthly Bank Balance
* Monthly Net Cash Movement
* Closing Monthly Bank Balance
* Any Overdraft Interest
* Plus 2-Year Totals for all of the above plus 2-Year Totals for all Cash Inflow and Outflow Items

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