Capital Budgeting

Free Capital Budgeting Spreadsheet Allowing Project Valuation

While MS Excel is hardly the latest tech innovation, you can't argue how valuable their spreadsheets are for business and investment. has developed custom spreadsheets for your desktop or tablet that will assist in your wealth creation activities.

Capital Expenditure and Capital Budgeting

Ever wanted to know if an asset purchase, investment project or other capital expenditure will meet your return benchmarks and create financial value?

This MS Excel Spreadsheet answers this question through the corporate finance concept of Capital Budgeting.

Simply enter key financial data about your capital expenditure and cost data and be provided with:
* Pro Forma Income Statement
* Project Cash Flow
* Net Present Value of the Investment Project

Projects can last from 1-20 years.

Instructions, clear formatting & in-sheet comments make it easy for the first-time capital budgeter.

There is also an 'editable' worksheet with the complete spreadsheet available to be studied and/or modified, without affecting the protected core data and structure.

Perfect for the:
* SME Business Manager or Owner
* Real Estate Investor
* Entrepreneur

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Capital Expenditure and Capital Budgeting