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Offers & Promotions

We offer a 34% Discount to the Udemy Course,
"Financial Statement Fundamentals for Small Biz & Investors"

The Course Includes:

  • 3-Hours of Video Presentation Lecture Content
  • Revision Quizzes to assess Your Learning
  • Free Bonuses Resources: Free PDF eBooks Included
  • Ongoing Instructor Support so You never get left behind

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We offer a set of 4 Free MS Excel Spreadsheets.
The spreadsheets cover and perform:
1) Time Value of Money Calculators & Formulas for Savings and Investment
2) 2-Year Monthly Cash Flow Forecast for Planning and Control
3) Ratio Analysis Money Calculators & Formulas for Business and Stock Analysis
4) Retirement Planner for Long-Term Savings Planning

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We also offer a Free PDF eBook that covers the basics of Financial Accounting. "Accounting: Foundation Inputs & Outputs" is a 15-page micro-book, while brief, will give you a grounding into the Inputs and Outputs of a Financial Accounting System. A 15-minute read will give you more accounting knowledge than a vast majority of the population. Specifically, the books covers the three main financial statements (outputs) and the theories behind entering data into your bookeeping system (inputs).

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