Accounting: Foundation Inputs & Outputs

A 15-minute Read of this Micro-Book
will Teach You Accounting Lessons
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Introduction to Accounting

Have you ever considered learning a little accounting but didn't know where to start? This mini-book could be your answer.

In a short space of time you cover financial accounting fundamentals (knowledge for life) and from there you can then assess whether an accounting & finance knowledge journey could be for you.

This mini-book is perfect for the business student (add accounting to your skill set), investor (helping you analyse investment financial statements) and the entrepreneur (use your bookkeeping software more efficiently and get new insight into your business performance & position).

Read on to find out more ...and maybe then take the leap!

Accounting: Foundation Inputs & Outputs

Note: This is a 12-page micro-book, not a full length book...but seriously, even with this brief read, you will know more about financial accounting than the vast majority of the population :-)

This Free eBook covers the basics of Financial Accounting.

"Accounting: Foundation Inputs & Outputs" is a 12-page micro-eBook, while brief, will give you a grounding into the Inputs and Outputs of a Financial Accounting System.

It will be your introduction to accounting, your first step into an accounting knowledge journey and cover the basics of accounting.

Specifically, the books covers the three main financial statements (outputs) and the theories behind entering data into your bookkeeping system (inputs).

The Contents are as follows:

Part 1 “Outputs”: The 3 Key Financial Statements
1) The Income Statement
2) The Balance Sheet
3) The Cash Flow Statement

Part 2 “Inputs”: The Accounting Behind the Financial Statements
a) Double-Entry Accounting
b) Debit and Credit Rules for the Accounting Equation
c) How Revenue and Expenses Fall Into the Accounting Equation

Simple, clear & to the point: Great Value for a 15-Minute Read, when compared to the hourly rate of an accountant or bookkeeper.

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Basics of Accounting