331 Great Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Learn from the Greats and be Inspired Towards Your Own Dream

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History's greatest leaders & entrepreneurs offer wisdom to guide you through your own journey. You can take on board what they teach, remember the lessons in tough times and build your own dream on the shoulders of theirs'.

331 Great Quotes for Entrepreneurs:

You Dream, You Believe, You Create & You Succeed

12 Categories of Quotations:

1) Focus & Goal Orientation
2) Leadership & Management
3) Persistence & Fortitude
4) Communication & Teamwork
5) Selling & Customer Service
6) Learning & Education
7) Planning & Organisational Strategy
8) Negotiation & Persuasion
9) Ethics & Responsibility
10) For Women Entrepreneurs
11) Humour & Laughter
12) Final Quote for Inspiration

that will...


* Be uplifted by history's great entrepreneurs, leaders & thinkers
* Be guided to learn the key skillets of successful entrepreneurs
* Feel good about your entrepreneurship and career decision


* Be driven to keep going when life begins to pull you down
* Refer to the eBook whenever you need an extra push or are stuck in a situation
* Boost your energy with a quick read to get over that next hurdle


* Broken down into 12 categories that each cover key entrepreneur traits and skills
* Learn to manage, lead and grow from those who have been there before
* Become more efficient with your time and better at dealing with linking day-to-day with the long-term

Help You Succeed

* A great addition to your personal education library to draw from forever
* Be helped to emulate the success of the quotations sources by learning from them
* Concise and to the point so you can incorporate the knowledge quickly

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