Income Statement Basics

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You too can learn to understand the Income Statement and apply this knowledge to business and investment analysis. This concise & clear book, written in a conversational manner, will cover all the fundamentals of a standard income statement and give you an edge in your financial activities.

Income Statement Basics:

From Confusion to Comfort in Under 30 Pages

Take the Leap and Learn How to Read & Understand the Income Statement

In a concise and to-the-point Book:

* Understand the Key Financial Report, the Income Statement (Profit or Loss Statement).
* Begin to Use Financial Statements to Analyse Your Business or Investments.
* Turn All the Income Statements and Annual Reports Given to You into Valuable Sources of Insight for Action.

Income Statement Basics:

* Explains Common Accounting Jargon and Important Accounting Theory Within Financial Statements.
* Works Through a Real-Life Income Statement Step-by-Step.
* Is Only a Brief Read, Allowing You to Quickly Pick Up Basic Skills Without Overwhelming You With Too Much, Too Soon.

The Book is Aimed At Investors & Businesspeople
Without an Accounting Background

The Author:

* Has Passions in Teaching and Accounting.
* Has Years of Experience Teaching & Simplifying Complex Accounting Theory to Both Advanced and Standard Students.
* Offers Ongoing Support & Service Through accofina.

The Income Statement is one of the three key Financial Statements produced by a Accountant or Bookkeeper from their Financial Accounting System. It is summarises the Performance of a business over a given time frame. If you can learn to navigate this document, feel comfortable with it's structure and what the individual summary represents, then you are armed with information about that particular business which, while possibly publicly disclosed, is often hidden from a majority of businesspeople and investors. With this type of insight you will make better decisions about how to manage your business or what investments to, or not to, make. Understanding financial statements is the most efficient method to get the complete picture of what is really going on inside a business. Take the leap and learn how to read & understand the income statement.

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Income Statement Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 30 Pages (Financial Statement Basics Book 2)

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