Cash Flow Statement Basics

Make Hay from the Most Underestimated Financial Statement

Cash Flow Statement Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 35 Pages

Improve your investment and business financial outcomes

• Learn about the cash flow statement and the operating, investing & financing cash flows
• Assess how a business is raising and returning capital, what it’s investing in and how well it succeeds at its core functions
• Analyse any stock or business better than ever before

Enjoy the confidence built by higher education and your new, advanced knowledge

• Cash Flow Statement Basics is tutorial-like and is clear and simple
• Keep it as a reference and treat it as knowledge for life
• Written in a friendly, conversational tone you are treated like a smart, intelligent businessperson or investor, that just isn’t an accountant

Make better business and investment decisions that will lead to higher earnings

• Cash Flow Statement Basics offers strong guidance on performing analysis
• You will know what to look for when performing cash flow analysis
• Use the lessons in the real-world as soon as you’re finished

Use your time efficiently and wisely, don't regret wasted time

• Cash Flow Statement Basics is concise and to the point, it’s a complete lesson in under 35 pages
• Don't be swamped with excess detail: Learn quickly and apply just as fast
• Use it for practical, real-world application, not only theoretical curiosity

Advance your skill set and future proof your finances

• Cash Flow Statement Basics is part of a 3-book series
• So if you want, you can continue to learn more
• You can begin an accounting skills journey

Feel the comfort of ongoing reader support from an experienced teacher

• The author has had years of experience teaching complex accounting concepts to students of various standards
• Further, Cash Flow Statement Basics is part of a suite of business products
• Thus you have more support if you need it along the way

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Cash Flow Statement Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 35 Pages

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Cash Flow Statement 101